Cup Holder Phone Mount
Cup Holder Phone Mount

Cup Holder Phone Mount

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Get your Cup Holder Phone Mount that was just release.

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Get your Cup Holder Phone Mount that was just release.

Help some drive more safely by freeing up their hand! 


1. This phone holder is adjustable to accommodate all phones and it will lock in any desired position.

2. After inserting the base into your car's cup holder, turn the dial and the base will gradually expand, which ensures the base will be ultra-secure and not rattle around.

3. The gooseneck arm is made of flexible steel, so you can flex the position according to your demands.

4. This is ideal for phones equipped with GPS or music players, so that you can keep your device close to you and at a convenient view. Also it is great for hand-free use with:  Bluetooth headset, wired headset, speakerphone, turn-by-turn navigation, car charger or music transmitter.

5. The top portion of the mount is adjustable in 360 degrees and can turn and/or lock providing more convenience.

6. Securely mount your device in your vehicle with this universal car mount holder. Padded side grips/wings help protect your cell phone, MP3 player and GPS devices from scratches.  

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